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Activities: Windsurf, SUP
Popularity: Much
Level: Intermediate, Good, Specialist

Gun Bay is a true high-wind spot where you can let off steam and forget the rest of the world. The flat water near the shore is perfect for practicing jibes and the spit off the coast guarantees your safety.

Karpathos is one of the most beautiful islands of Dodecanese. It is located on the southern side of the Aegean Sea, between Rhodes and Crete. You'll have to make a little more effort to get there (via Athens) but once you arrive it'll be more than worth it. Due to the secluded location and the distance from the other Greek islands, Karpathos Island started developing in the last decades. In fact, the southern side of the island has mostly developed in tourism, while the central and the northern side has remained unspoiled and authentic, with picturesque villages away from mass tourism. Karpathos Greece is mostly famous for the exotic beaches with the golden sand and the crystal water.

Best Months: June, July, August, September
Medium Months: April, May, October
Wind Type: Thermal Winds
Best Direction:
Main Direction:
Worst Direction:
Wind Factor: 28-33 knots (7 bft)
Main Wind Direction: Side Offshore
Blowing at:
Wave Tack:

800 m further south than Devil’s (Paradise) Bay, Gun Bay offers similar conditions and endless space, except the Meltemi doesn't blow quite as hard and is slightly gustier. Most people launch here, and even kites are occasionally seen these days.

Windsurfing here is good for intermediate level upwards. Normal wind strength in summer months is about 30-35 knots. The wind is very gusty. It blows cross-offshore wind from the beach, giving flatwater or chop conditions, increasing and a 1 m wind wave after 300 m, which is suitable for both jumping novices and experts. So, if you want to try the speed limits you just stay close to shore and you'll get perfectly level water to surf faster than ever. Also the water level near the coast is much easier to maneuver and you will notice improvement of your skills within a few days. If you want to escape the water level and find small waves to practice jumps and you need only go a few hundred meters from the shore.

Many windsurfers, who have discovered this spot, return year after year, to enjoy the extreme conditions almost guaranteed here, as a Gift from the Gods.

WindGuru Poseidon Windfinder Windyty Meteo NOA UOA Greece UOA Live Station
Type: Flat, Chop
Quality: Clean
Depth: Average (deepens gently and incrementally)
Attention: Rocks

From the Gun Bay, surfers can surf out to the Devil’s Bay.

Type: Rocks, Pebbles
Size: Medium
Bathers Period:
Shade: No
Kid Friendly: Yes
Attention: Rocks

600 m long beach. 80% of this beach area is covered by volcanic rocks which makes self-rescues and other "mess-ups" complicated and dangerous.

GPS Google Maps: 35.42952, 27.15589

Access to Gun Bay:

Gun Bay is about 1 km north of the airport and 14 km from Pigadia central port.

Access to Karpathos: Karpathos is an island half way between Crete and Rhodes. Due to the long distance from Athens, it is difficult to travel to Karpathos by ferry. However, the island can also be reached by plane or by ferry from closer ports.

Arrival by Airplane: The airport of Karpathos (AOK) receives domestic flights from Athens and the flight time is 1¼ hour. Also it can be reached with direct flights from Kassos (15 min, daily flights), Rhodes (30 min, 1-3 flights per day) and Crete (1 hour from Sitia, daily flights) all year round. During the holiday period (April-October) there are also few charters and international flights from abroad, mainly from Germany and the Netherlands. The airport is located on the southern side of the island, at the region of Afiartis.

Arrival by Ferry/Boat: There are two ports in Karpathos handling several ferry itineraries. Diafani is the small port of the island while Pigadia the big and central port. Ferries to Karpathos depart from Piraeus 3 times a week. The trip is very long (between 18 and 20 hours) but connects Karpathos with many other Greek islands, including Milos, Santorini, Anafi, Kassos and Chalki. There are also ferries to Karpathos from closer ports, such as Rhodes and Crete 3 times per week. These trips are shorter: from Agios Nikolaos and Sitia to Kassos (3-5 hours) and Karpathos (about 6 hours). The boat then goes to Rhodes (another 5-6 hours).

If you plan to travel during July and August, it’s best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

Local transportations: In Karpathos you can easily travel by buses, which have itineraries from Pigadia towards almost all the island, but also by taxis available on the island. You can always rent a push bike, a motorcycle or a car for easier and more comfortable travelling during your stay in Karpathos. There are several rental agencies on the island but you can book the car or motorbike of your choice online before your arrival at the island.

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    Very well organized

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    Parking along the beach is available in the area
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    Some studios & hotels

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    Health Center in Pigadia Town (14 km away)

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    Karpathos is also ideal for trekkers, as the trekking paths that cross the island lead visitors to amazing spots