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Activities: Windsurf, SUP
Popularity: Not Much
Style: Freeride, Slalom
Level: Intermediate, Good, Specialist

Vathi is situated at the south-west side of Sifnos. The toponym Vathi means that the port is situated in a deeper, lower part in comparison with the surrounding area or that the sea is quite deep near the land so that the ships can approach it. The cove of Vathy is also very popular among the sailing aficionados, since it's naturally protected.

Best Months: June, July, August
Medium Months: January, February, March, May, November, December
Wind Type:
Best Direction: N, NE
Main Direction:
Worst Direction:
Wind Factor:
Main Wind Direction:
Blowing at:
Wave Tack:

Works with thermal “Meltemi” northern winds in summertime, and with the regular northern winds the rest of the year.

WindGuru Poseidon Windfinder Windyty Meteo NOA UOA Greece
Type: Flat, Chop
Quality: Crystal Clear

This gulf with the calm crystal-clear sea is fascinating.

Type: Sand
Size: Small
Bathers Period:
Shade: No
Kid Friendly: Yes

Vathy is a very upscale beach, since the village itself hosts the biggest luxury hotel of the island, that has been chosen by many politicians and celebrities.

The beautiful picturesque leeward port with a sandy beach with yellow sand and deep blue waters, is one of the biggest beaches of Sifnos.

GPS Google Maps: 36.927561, 24.693280

Access to Vathi: Situated southwestwards, 9 km from the capital of Sifnos, Apollonia, and 14 km from the Port (Kamares) you can find a beautiful little harbor and the homonymous village called Vathi. Until recently the only way to get to Vathi was by taking the tiny boat from Kamares but today you can visit it easily by car or motorbike.

Also, at the entrance of the settlement, a few meters from the beach of Vathi, you will find the bus stop, where from buses connect daily the beautiful beach with the rest of the island’s regions. There, you shall find a municipal parking lot for your vehicle.

Access to Sifnos: As there is no civil airport in Sifnos, travellers can only access the island by boat and/or by helicopter as there is a helipad on site.

Arrival by Ferry / Boat: There is only one port in the island of Sifnos located in islands capital; Kamares. During the summer (April-October), there are daily itineraries of both high speed and conventional boats. However, during the winter (November-March), only conventional boats connect Sifnos with Piraeus. Additionally, mostly during the high season, several boats connect Sifnos to other Cycladic islands such as Serifos, Folegandros, Kythnos, Milos, Ios, Santorini and Crete.  

The high speed boat takes about 3-3,5 hours to reach Sifnos from Piraeus, while the conventional boat takes about 5 hours.

Local Transportation:

Local Buses: The island’s 12 villages are regularly interconnected during the summer months with 4 public buses.

Taxi service: The are 10 cabs offered on the island. As there is no headquarter or central location, all cabs can be reached via phone. It is recommended to discuss the fare beforehand thus avoiding any “unpleasant surprises”. Please note: while cabs can be hailed, the driver has the right to not stop if he has received a call.

Revd a car/scooter: There are many car rental agencies on the island, mainly located in Apollonia (Kamares Port), but also in Artemida. It is recommended to book ahead especially, during the months of July and August (high season) or during popular holidays like Ash Monday, Easter and around the 28th of October.

The road network in Sifnos is decent, but there are some small dangerous and steep cliffs, with abrupt turns. Along with the dangerous roads, some roads are often crossed by animals and/or pedestrians in the middle of nowhere. Additionally, there are few narrow streets, where only one car can fit, so you need to be extra careful, patient and anticipate surprises.

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    There are 3 taverns, patisseries, cafeterias

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    Here you shall find the biggest hotel complex of Sifnos, rooms to let and apartments

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