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Activities: Windsurf, Surf, SUP
Popularity: Not Much
Style: Freeride, Wave
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Good, Specialist

The eastern side of Andros particularly is very windy because of “Meltemi” northern winds.

Ateni is divided in two beaches. The smaller in size (northern) is the most popular one as it is protected by the strong winds, while the larger beach (southern) is sandy, with crystal clear waters, ideal for windsurfing.

Best Months: January, February, June, July, August, December
Medium Months: March, April, May, September, October, November
Wind Type:
Best Direction: NNE
Main Direction: N, NE, NNE, S, SW
Worst Direction:
Wind Factor: 11-16 knots (4 bft), 17-21 knots (5 bft), 22-27 knots (6 bft), 28-33 knots (7 bft)
Main Wind Direction: Onshore
Blowing at:
Wave Tack: Starboard (from the right), Port (from the left)

in Aegean Sea is a fairly exposed beach break that does not work very often with no particular seasonal pattern.

Offshore winds blow from the southwest with some shelter here from west winds. The short fetch makes for windswells rather than groundswells and the optimum wave angle is from the north northeast. The beach breaks offer lefts and rights. Good surf at all stages of the tide. An uncrowded break, even when it is working. 

WindGuru Poseidon Windyty Meteo NOA UOA Greece
Type: Chop, Small Wave (< 1m), Medium Wave (1-3m)
Depth: Average (deepens gently and incrementally)
Seabed: Sand, Stones

At Ateni beach you can feel at the same time being in the sea, but being in a pool as well. The waters have a beautiful blue color and the surrounding hills are a unique decoration. Watch out when northern winds blow, because of the large parts of stones close to the beach.

Type: Sand
Size: Medium
Bathers Period: June, July, August
Bathers: Average
Shade: No
Kid Friendly: Yes

The two sandy and stunning beaches are famous but also “protected” from the crowd. Their blue and crystal-clear waters are preferred by people who do not want crowdedness but want isolation and tranquility.

GPS Google Maps: 37.910502, 24.838142

Access to Ateni: On the eastern side of the island, approximately 12 km away from Batsi and fortunately, it is not difficult to approach.

Access only by car: Take the main road from Gavrio to Chora, turn left to the junction near Batsi and head for the village of Katakoilos (follow the road signs). Most of it is asphalted except the last 2-3 km of dirt road covered in gravel before the beach. It is in excellent condition and it does not make it hard for drivers, whether they drive a jeep or a small car or a motorcycle.

Access to Andros:

Arrival by Airplane: Andros does not have its own airport. If you are coming to Andros from the International Airport of Athens, in Spata, you can use the Green Public Bus (KTEL of Attica) to the port of Rafina. The bus departs from the Arrivals Level, between Gates 2 and 3, just opposite the hotel of the airport (Sofitel). The distance is 10 km (20 minutes). Otherwise you can catch a taxi to Rafina Port. Then travel to Andros by ferry boat.

Arrival by Ferry/Boat: A ferry to Gavrio, the main port of Andros located in the northwest side of the island, departs from the port of Rafina, on the northern side of Athens. There is no ferry to Andros from Piraeus, the main port of Athens. Rafina is the closest port to the International Airport of Athens. The ferry takes 2 hours to reach Gavrio.

There are daily ferries all year round, but schedules are more frequent in summertime (1-2 daily during winter and up to 6 in the summer). Andros is also connected with other Cyclades Islands by ferry boat, including Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Syros, and Tinos.

Arrival by Car, Moto, Camper Van: By private car via Attica Avenue in the direction of Markopoulo, exiting at the sign that says Rafina. Drive along Marathonos Avenue until you reach Rafina. The distance from Athens to Rafina is 32 km.

Arrival by Bus: You can reach Rafina Port by Suburban KTEL bus from the Green Park in Athens.

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