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Activities: Kitesurf, SUP
Popularity: Much
Style: Freeride, Freestyle, Speed
Level: Intermediate, Good, Specialist

Nea Kios is situated nexti to Nafplio, on the Argolic Gulf in the northeast Peloponnese. Most of the old town is on a peninsula jutting into the gulf; this peninsula forms a naturally protected bay that is enhanced by the addition of man-made moles.

It enjoys a very sunny and mild climate, even by Greek standards, and as a consequence has become a popular day or weekend road-trip destination for Athenians in wintertime. It is an attraction for kite surfers throughout the year and a beloved spot for Athens-based fans of the sport, who venture out here for the day.

Best Months: May
Medium Months: April, June, July, August
Wind Type: Thermal Winds
Best Direction: S, SE
Main Direction: N
Worst Direction:
Wind Factor: 04-10 knots (2-3 bft), 11-16 knots (4 bft)
Main Wind Direction: Offshore
Blowing at: Midday, Afternoon
Wave Tack:

The location does not have consistent winds. It is mostly hit or miss. The wind changes direction easily from day to day. Have a lot of back-up plans in case the wind is either non-existent, too weak, or in the wrong direction. You have to be lucky on having the right winds. It is ideal for learning kiteboard.

In general, summer months the wind is onshore after 14:00, but not always strong enough (3-4 Bft). The wind in May to August is around 5 Bft. Summer is terribly hot. April, May, September and October are nice months for air temperature. Wet suit needed April and May.

WindGuru Poseidon Windfinder Windyty NOA UOA Greece UOA
Type: Flat, Chop
Depth: Shallow (walking several steps not to step on)
Seabed: Muddy
Attention: Shallow, Rocks

Flat to choppy water. It is very shallow, so it’s a pretty good place for beginners to practice, but not near the shore; it is too shallow there. When it gets really busy, there will be an area for beginners and lessons, and an area for experienced kite boarders. There will also be an area off limits because it is officially for swimmers/bathers only.

There are a couple of minor rocks in the sea bottom, but not many. Ask the locals before going in.

Type: Sand
Size: Big
Bathers Period: Never
Bathers: No
Shade: Sparse
Kid Friendly: Yes
Attention: Shells

A wide and sandy beach with shells. Lots of space to trim your equipment. No people around.

GPS Google Maps: 37.590848, 22.770256

Access to Nea Kios:  The spot is located in the northern coast of the Argolic Gulf, 4,5 km northwest of Nafplio. From Nafplio, drive towards Argos then take the coastal road toward Nea Kios. 2,5 before arriving at Nea Kios, the beach will be on the left. It is virtually across the street from the prefecture's KTEO office (driver's license office, car registration and inspection offices).

There are frequent bus services from/to Athens (KTEL). The distance from Athens is 134 Km.

Access to Argolis: Visitors can travel to Argolis by car or bus. Access is easy through a modern highway from Athens.

Arrival by Airplane: There is no airport close to Argolis. The nearest is the new airport of Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos”, one of the best airports in Europe, (IATA: ATH, ICAO: LGAV) is located in Spata Town and serves flights to Greece daily from several international airlines from all over the world. You can take a charter flight, so you can carry your windsurf equipment with you as well.

Arrival by Car, Moto, Camper Van: If you want to drive to Argolis from Athens, you take the National Highway from Athens to Corinth. After the Corinth Canal, you follow the signs to Tripolis and Kalamata. In the middle way between Corinth and Tripolis, you see signs to Nafplion. This is the entrance in Argolis. The road from Athens to Nafplion is modern and very easy to drive. It gets narrow at some point between Corinth and Nafplion but for a short distance. It is generally easy and comfortable.

Arrival by Bus: From the airport of Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos”, the metro and the Proastiakos-Suburban railway, as well as taxis and buses to and from the centre of Athens are to be found opposite the main exit of the airport. The distance is 44 km. The bus journey takes between 35 and 45 minutes to the city centre at Syntagma (Parliament) Square (of course depending on the time and traffic), therefore the best way is to take the “Athens metro” that connects the airport with Athens and Piraeus. There are also car hire agencies at the airport, in case you want to rent a vehicle.

The bus E93, which leaves from the main building of the airport (ports 4-5) get off Kifissos bus station from where you change and take Intercity bus running daily from Athens to Argolis very frequently, about 4-5 times per day. The bus trip takes about 2 hours. There are also buses to Argolis from other towns of Peloponnese and specifically from towns in the peninsula of Argolida, such as Ermioni, Kranidi and Epidaurus.

Note that the bus from Nafplio to Athens stops at Eleonas metro station (blue line) before it continues to Stathmos Kifissos. If you want to go to Athens’ Airport, from Eleonas the metro will take you to the centre, then continue to the airport. This will usually be a faster solution than to travel by bus. Just make sure you get on the right train, not all of them run all the way to the airport.

Arrival by Ferry/Boat: If you are coming from the European continent and you prefer to take the ferry from an Italian Port, you need to head towards Italy and the Italian ports of Ancona, Venice Bari or Brindisi. Those ports have daily connections to Corfu, Igoumenitsa and Patras New Port:  When you exit from the new port, follow the signs to Athens. When you reach Korinthos, drive southern to Argolis.

Also, you can access the area by sea from Piraeus Seaport, getting at NE coast of Argolis through Methana, Hermioni or Porto Heli Ports.

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    Rescue boat in summer period

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    You can buy kitesurf equipment from the center

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    May park on the beach, there is plenty of space
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    In Nea Kios Village

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    Good nightlife in Nafplio. Also night clubs on the road between Nafplio and Nea Kios, all year long

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    Hospitals in Nafplion and Argos