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Activities: Windsurf, SUP
Popularity: Low
Style: Freeride, Freestyle, Slalom
Level: Intermediate, Good, Specialist

The coastal resort of Fanari, also known as Faros, lies at the eastern tip of the island and, as a result of a new road having been built to the nearby airport, has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity.

Fanari is a particular favorite of those living in Agios Kirykos who enjoy it as a weekend retreat and for tourists looking to escape the rather drab surroundings of the island's main port.

Ikarians and visitors to the island have been windsurfing here for many years.

Best Months:
Medium Months:
Wind Type:
Best Direction:
Main Direction: N
Worst Direction:
Wind Factor: 17-21 knots (5 bft)
Main Wind Direction: Offshore
Blowing at:
Wave Tack:

The spot offers the best windsurfing conditions on the island. The breeze works almost every summer day. The winds are steady from the North West -because of the island's morphology- offshore, so care is needed. The wind strength is an average of 5 Beaufort and from 15:00 to 17:00. Very often wind is 5 to 10 knots stronger.

Faros is generally not appropriate for beginners because the spot is gusty and windsurfers must be at least 50 meters from the beach to find stable wind.

WindGuru Poseidon Windfinder Windyty Meteo NOA UOA Greece UOA
Type: Flat, Chop
Depth: Average (deepens gently and incrementally)

In summer the water is mostly flat, so the spot is ideal for speed and freestyle windsurfing. In some places you can find big plates in the sea. Typical is the pier on the beach for the small boats, which is not often in use.

Type: Sand, Pebbles, Rocks
Size: Medium
Bathers Period:
Shade: Much
Kid Friendly: Yes

The sand and pebble beach at Faros runs the full length of the village for about 2 km and curves around the headland at the eastern tip of the island. There are tamarisks behind for natural shade. It is an ideal choice for families with kids.

The island airport is nearby but completely invisible from the beach and flights are few enough to be of an interest than a nuisance.

GPS Google Maps: 37.673718, 26.354539

Access to Faros:

Faros Beach is on Ikaria's southeast end of the island and near the airport. Agios Kirykos, the capital of the island, is 11 km away.

Access to Ikaria:

Arrival by Airplane: Ikaria Island National Airport (JIK) is located at the northeast of the island that is daily connected with Athens airport with a 30-40 minutes flight. There are regular flights during the week also from and towards Thessaloniki, Mykonos, and Crete. It’s not sure if you’ll find a bus from the airport to Ikaria villages so you must have your own mean or take a taxi.

Some visitors arrive to Ikaria from abroad by flying first to Samos International Airport (SMI) and then take the ferry from Samos to Ikaria. Aristarchos Airport (SMI) is about 3 km outside Pythagorio and 10 km from the capital in the south of Samos island. Services are generally good with taxis and buses available, although there is no dedicated airport shuttle bus. There are three flights daily (five in summer) from Athens to Samos. Flight time from Athens is about 45 minutes. The ferry between Samos (Vathi or Pythagorio) and Ikaria (Evdilos or Agios Kirikos) takes about 3,5 hrs.

Arrival by Ferry/Boat: Ikaria has two ports, Agios Kirykos -the main port at the southeast side of the island and Evdilos at the north. It is daily connected with the port of Piraeus and Samos, as well as with Syros, Mykonos, Tinos, Paros and Naxos. Once a week is connected with Port of Thessaloniki. Also there is a one a week ferry from Evdilos to Chios. During summer the island is also connected with Kos, Kalymnos, Leros and Patmos. From Piraeus the journey takes about 7 hours, while from the surrounding islands the distance is much shorter. From Ikaria there is also a daily timetable to Fourni.

Ikarian water taxis called "venzinas" also connect Agios Kirikos with Therma throughout the day and three times a week visit beaches at Faros, Manganitis and Karkinagri. The water taxis can also be hired for day excursions and around the island trips.

Local transportations:  Local transport on Ikaria is by bus, taxi, boat, or hired car/bike. During the summer season the scheduled daily bus service connects Agios Kirikos with Therma, Evdilos, Armenistis and Raches. Private buses can be hired from local travel agents and taxi stands are found in Agios Kirikos, Therma, Evdilos, Armenistis and at the airport at Faros. Ikaria's bus service is not known for its efficiency so you might prefer to hire a car or motorbike to explore the island. However you’ll have to be very careful, since the road network is not in great condition and the roads are quite narrow.

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    A parking located a few meters away from the center of the village. There is no road to Faros beach and visitors must pass through yards of houses and taverns to reach the sand
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