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Date: 30/09/2020
Location: ,
Kind Activity: Windsurf


Greek Speedsurfing is back!

Due to the crisis situation worldwide also the Odyssey of Speed event has been impacted. But now, since beaches are open again the competition is picking up speed and some nice results have been uploaded. So the 10th edition of our event in 2020 is now on!

So it is time for the first intermediate ranking and give credit to those sailors already scoring GPS speeds.

With Konstantinos Papandrikopoulos the winner from 2018 is back in the race and with a new sail sponsor he took right away the overall lead. In 2nd position one of our most active participants since years Ilias Tsekouras (great!) , followed by the greek speed legend Minos Efstathidis.

Very remarkable is also the best 1 Hour result scored by Sofia Koukouzeli with a distance 36,46 km.

The overall score board: 

  1. Konstantinos Papandrikopoulos 12,7 points
  2. Ilias Tsekouras 14 points
  3. Minos Efstathidis 18,7 points

download detailed results (per 15.06.2020):


Best Category results so far (per 15.06.2020)

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All posted session and results can be seen in the event section at GPS-SPEEDSURFING

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